Humans Of Pakistan (HOP)

Humans Of Pakistan is inspired by the awesome work and effort of Brandon from New York. The author is solely responsible for introducing Humans of New York and has started a chain of good will. HOP is one of them.

HOP has two agendas; one is to showcase every individual possible from the north of the country to the south while the second agenda is to inspire everyone or anyone who reads or sees it.

Pakistan has been through a lot of turmoil and everyone is contributing one way or the other. Some use humor others write, all that we are trying to do is give HOPe. A small step for a better grander future.

A Pakistani student Rai Haris Manzoor has made a new world record by passing the O-Level examination of the University of Cambridge at the age of nine years. He completed the courses of seven classes in 17 months.

Previously, the record of the youngest O-Level student was with Sitara Brooj Akbar of Chiniot in Punjab. She passed the exam at the age of 11.


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